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The oldest continuously operating press club in North America, and possibly the world!

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About Us

Since 1885, the Milwaukee Press Club has provided professional development and camaraderie to members of the press community from around the city and across the state of Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Press Club is rich and tradition and successful in its mission to provide meaningful professional opportunities for its members today. From one of the nation's most eclectic and comprehensive collection of signatures from prominent politicians, journalists and other celebrities to some of the city's most dynamic news-making events, the Milwaukee Press Club offers something all too rare in the media community today – a sense of history and place coupled with real-world professional value.

Best of all, our mascot is a mummified cat two of our members stole back in 1897. His name is Anubis, and you can see him anytime at the Newsroom Pub, our excellent headquarters operated by the world-famous Safe House Restaurant. How many clubs can say that?

Last updated on Mon, Nov 22, 2010