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Knights of Bohemia

Similar to the Knights of the Golden Quill, this honor is rarely bestowed. Unlike the Golden Quill, this circle of knights is comprised of community leaders not affiliated with the media.


  • Dave Baldwin The Safe House/Newsroom Pub
  • Ben Barkin* Jos. Schiltz Brewing Co.; Barkin & Barkin
  • Rosemary Bischoff* Rosemary Bischoff Studios and Models Agency
  • Harry W. Bolens* Port Washington Star
  • Alonzo Burt* Wisconsin Telephone 
  • Willie G. Davidson Harley Davidson
  • Fr. Frank Drabinowicz* Press Club chaplain, St. James Catholic Church, Bell Canto Chorus
  • Bruce Estlund* Wisconsin Telephone
  • Sheldon S. Glass*
  • George Gravin* Gravin-Shaw Public Relations
  • John Gurda Acclaimed Historian
  • Herbert J. Hansen* Wisconsin Gas Co.
  • Charles Hanson* WISN-AM 1130 Radio
  • Gerry W. Hazelton* U.S. House of Representative; Milwaukee attorney
  • Alex J. Horlick* Horlick Malted Milk Co.
  • Wm. Horlick Jr.* Horlick Malted Milk Co.
  • Vyto Kapocius Wisconsin Electric Power Co.
  • Herb Kohl, Former U.S. Senator & Milwaukee Bucks Owner
  • Joseph J. Krueger* Milwaukee city treasurer
  • Major Wm. Mitchell Lewis* Mitchell Motor Car Co.; Racine Rubber Co, Wisconsin Army 32nd Div.
  • Capt. James A. Lovell National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  • Shirley Marine Milwaukee Press Club manager
  • H. Carl Mueller Mueller Communications, Inc.
  • Fred Pabst* Pabst Brewing Co.
  • Gustav Pabst
  • Julie Pedretti Children's Hospital
  • Hyman Popuch* Trophy Athletic Co.
  • Helen Ratzsch* Karl Ratzsch's restaurant
  • Robert Riordan* Milwaukee Sentinel, Northwestern Mutual Life
  • William Schuchardt*
  • Albert A. Silverman* Vilter Mfg., vice president and director; attorney
  • Randal Sprecher Sprecher Brewing Co.
  • John Stollenwerk Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corp.
  • Stephen Swedish* Steve Swedish Band leader
  • Ralph Tillema* Downer College, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Edwin C. Uihlein* Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.
  • Robert A. Uihlein Jr.* Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.
  • Debra Usinger Usinger's Famous Sausage
  • Fritz Usinger Usinger's Famous Sausage
  • Sylvester B. Way* The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co; Wisconsin Electric Power Co.
  • James E. Webb* NASA administrator
  • Michael S. Wolke Milwaukee County Sheriff's Dept.
  • Frank P. Zeidler* Milwaukee mayor